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About Me/Certifications

Thank you and welcome to my new blog,! Inspired by the wonderful Beyonce my entire life, I decided to name my alterego Chrisonce. For some reason, he comes out when I need him to and it happens to fit. He's been around since 2009 ... but when you meet me, you'll see that he lets me be outgoing and fun! (Note: I am not crazy, this is all for fun...haha)!

Well, let me really introduce myself. My name is Christopher Schweitzer. I hail originally from the Hudson Valley. I work full time as a Customer Service Health Advisor for United Healthcare (since May 2013) and I started this blog as a way to put myself out there. I was formerly known as the "Coupon King" but with myself, I grow out of things too quick! This is something that I've kept around for years and has turned into a fun thing. 

The goal of this blog is to inspire others. To help them achieve their goals. Recently I gained about 35lbs since I graduated college but I am not letting anything stop me. I am making 2014 all about my goals and your goals. No turning back. I just got certified in ZUMBA back in October and I am really pumped about teaching. I am currently in the works on adjusting my schedule (cuz I work soooo many hours) to teach and I cannot wait.

If there's anything you'd like to know more about me, please do not hesitate to contact me:!

Be safe and a have a blessed 2014!


  • ZUMBA: October 2013 ( 
  • BOKWA: TBA ( 
  • POUND: TBA (